Matrix technologies has been rated among India’s best sub distributor –advanced markets(south) by CRN.
Matrix technologies has been rated among India’s best sub distributor –advanced markets(south) by CRN for the year 2012 in pune. We thank our distributors, channel partners& customers and also dear friends for their incredible support, Continued business and lasting partnership.

matrix Technologies provides you wide rage of Laptops From business laptops to consumer laptops and also Latest trend of Netbooks, matrix Technologies being a Sub distributor for most of the major brands gives a competitive edge in terms of pricing and value.



Matrix Technologies has been a sub distributor for the Major brands of LCD monitors, providing not only The best pricing but also the best monitors based Upon the requirement. Samsung, Viewsonic, Acer, HP, LG



matrix Technologies being a pioneer in making assembled Desktops for there clients based upon there necessity, also Provides the value added services of branded Desktops, quite A few ranging from various brands,.....





matrix Technologies gives its customer more space, value for There money in providing them the most efficient and Advance servers both assembled as well as branded, Our prices provides the leading edge for any SMB’s to make A complete purchase, HP, IBM, Wipro and Assembled servers



We have been selling projectors since last 5years, the Product has seen a tremendous growth and added to our Growth value as well, all the brands we deal with have Shown growth in there sales with us, terming it the best Buy in the market. LG, NEC, Epson



Being a Sub distributors of the major software firms it self makes us one of leading supplier in the market and we have been giving in the right software solution for the various different business and continue to do so. Our software enlistments Microsoft, Symentech, Macafee, Kaspersky Lab





Matrix Technologies Inc has tie up with some of the best vendors across network and security domain. We provide complete solution and services in Network and Security solutions.


Network & Security

Matrix Technologies Inc provides you with the industry-standard reliable power and physical IT infrastructure, with the leading brands in IT departments large and small and among our vast community.


Power Backups

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