Matrix technologies has been rated among India’s best sub distributor –advanced markets(south) by CRN.

From the Director's Desk

Greetings from Matrix Technologies Inc!
We are one of the country’s leading IT Hardware & Software, sales companies, with operations spanning the automotive, communications, computing, industrial, Banking, medical systems and multimedia markets sectors.
Looking around our website, you’ll see that our expertise covers the entire value chain. Customer
service is our company’s lifeblood, and we build on that to create, IT niche and support a wide range of products.
These extensive capabilities benefit our customers in numerous ways. Whether it’s supporting the government, working with a SMB’s or opening up another IT corridor, we focus on customer's needs and strive to exceed their expectations.
Matrix Technologies Inc is a Indian company, and here in India we derive enormous value from
our Local business. Our every growing staff strength means we can call on a vast array of innovative products from abroad and adapt them to local needs.
In an increasingly complex world where technology advances at a rapid rate, this gives great flexibility to our customers, and their pick of what they can get and matrix has to offer.
For more information about our business, please take a closer look at our brochure covering our various IT related operations. And for a wider perspective, our website provides a great deal of useful information.

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